Free Lectures from IIT professors

Free IIT Video Lectures

Free IIT Video Lectures

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL), all the seven IITs along with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) of Bangalore have joined hands to offer their courses online for free. It contains not only computer science related subjects, but also various engineering streams.


Find below links for computer science courses. For other engineering streams of IIT video lectures, visit this link

Computer Networks

Computer Organization

Analysis of Algorithms

Internet Technologies

Introduction To Problem Solving & Programming

Systems Analysis and Design

Embedded Systems

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Architecture

Data Structures and Algorithms

Database Management System

Introduction to Computer Graphics

C Programming and Data structure

This is a good initiative to improve the quality of engineering education in India and will help IT industry to reduce their budget on training the students. For people who had dreams to study in IIT, shall fulfill part of their dreams by listening to these lectures. Hope it helps all the faculties in engineering colleges in India to figure out the gaps and fix them.

8 thoughts on “Free Lectures from IIT professors

  1. Hello everyone
    I really appreciate this initiative that has been undertaken by you
    to provide online lectures of IIT professors to all the engineering
    students in India.
    I would very much thank you guys for this wonderful help.
    I hope that you will keep this going on in future.
    Thanks a lot with appreciation.

  2. thanq you veary much for ur great help…
    Guys like you indirectly participating in bulding technically strong india…
    i hope all the Engg guys wil make use of ur great help..

  3. dear sir
    its great initiative for all IT students.
    please post some more topic like Compiler Design and
    Theory of Computation

  4. video lectures not available in NPTEL are available at

    Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
    by Prof. Ajit Pal, IIT Kharagpur

    Digital Electronic Circuits
    by Dr. Shouri Chatterjee, IIT Delhi

    Analog Integrated Circuits
    by Dr. Shouri Chatterjee, IIT Delhi

    Analog Integrated Circuit Design
    by Prof. Nagendra Krishnapura, IIT Madras

    by Prof. A. Routray, IIT Kharagpur

    A First Course on VLSI Design and CAD Tools
    by Lecturers & Professors (IIT KGP)

    Analog Circuits
    by Dr. Shanthi Pavan

    RF Integrated Circuits
    by Prof. Sankaran Aniruddhan

    Testing and Verifications of IC
    by Prof. Pallab Das Gupta

    VLSI Device Modeling
    by Prof. S.K.Lahiri (IIT KGP)

    U Can Do Video Lecture Series

  5. i belong to pakistan and appreciate this struggle it is great help of the mankind. i want to see the asians as role model to other world keep it up.

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