Database Development Training

If you want to part of the Database kernel development team, following lectures from top universities will help you to acquire necessary skills. Each subject lecture may take between 12- 25 hours and you may omit some of the lectures from different universities for same subject. Please note that high speed internet connection is necessary as following are video lectures


Indiana University

2.Computer Organization

IIT Madras

3.Introduction To Problem Solving & Programming

IIT Kanpur

4.Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Berkeley University

5.Programming Languages & C

University of Washington

Indiana University

6. Introduction to C++

Stanford University

Central Institute

Indiana University

Southern Queensland

7.Data Structures

Berkeley University

8.Database Management System

IIT Madras

New Jersey University

Indiana University on Oracle

ArsDigita University



9.Design & Analysis of Algorithms

IIT Madras

10.Operating Systems and System Programming

Berkeley University

New Jersey university


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