Must read for engineering college lecturers

Video Lectures from top notch universities in the world

Indian Institute of Technology – IIT (Core Science, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Computer Science)

More lecture notes and videos of IIT are available in

Indiana University (Computer Science)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Electrical, Chemical, Biological, Aeronatical, Civil, Environmental, Mechanical, Material, Nuclear)

Berkeley University (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, Maths, Philosophy, Law, Political Science, Statistics)

Stanford University (Computer Science, Mechanical, Physics, Maths)

University of Washington (Computer Science)

United Nations University (Software, Economics)

University of Idaho (Maths)

University of Massachusetts (Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, History, Maths)

University of NostreDam (Operating systems, MultiMedia systems)

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