Career options in IT Industry

Most of us think that career path shall be decided after joining the company. But it would be wise to know and choose the right career path which aligns with our interest during graduation. This blog lists some career options with required skills.
System/Network Administrator
  • User Level operating system commands
  • OS administration skills on any one of Microsoft, Linux, Solaris
  • Knowledge on Routers, Switches, Firewall, Proxy, Send Mail, Printer, FTP, Telnet, ssh
  • Phone communication skills
§Database Administrator
  • User Level database management on any one database (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL) like add user, database, partition, etc
  • SQL Statements
  • Knowledge on catalog tables to introspect the database run time parameters
  • Query Execution and Performance tuning
§Web Designer
  • HTML, CSS, Photo Shop, Flash
  • Creative skills (color, position, etc)
§Web Programmer
  • HTML, CSS, Ajax
  • PHP / ASP / JSP
  • Web server configuration (IIS, Apache, Tomcat)
§System Programmer
  • C / C++
  • OS System programming (IPC, process, threads, etc)
§Application Programmer
  • Java / C#
  • Database Programming
§Technical Writer
  • Frame Maker / Latex
  • Visio / Rational Rose
  • Domain Expertise

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