Swadeshi in IT industry

India, developer nation of the world provides IT services to other parts of the world by using the technologies developed by other countries. We have reached great position in IT as solution providers. All IT majors in India are into these services business by virtue of having many english speaking technology users like us. India produces Computer science engineers but all the engineers are working in IT services (solution providers) rather than creating products which enable solution providers to provide solution for the problems in other industry sectors.

Let’s take telecommunication sector, which provides mobile service to citizens of India. It depends on IT sector to set up the required infrastructure to provide service to its customer. They have to set up thousands of servers, networks, OS, SAN, Database server, Web servers, Billing servers, SMS Server, Speech recognizers, IVR platforms, Text to speech engines, Home Location Servers, Visitor Location Servers, VOIP servers, contact centre software, CRM, Auto Dialers,… and the list goes on.

Below is the set of product lines and companies who create them

Hardware (Desktop, Laptop, Servers) – Sun, Dell, IBM, HP

Network – Cisco, Nortel, Juniper

OS – Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Apple

Database – Oracle, IBM, Microsoft

Storage Area Network – IBM, HP, NetApp

Web Servers – IBM, BEA web logic

Billing Servers – Lucent, UTStar

Speech – Nuance, Telisma, Lumenvox

Contact center – Avaya, Genesys, Cisco

HLR/VLR/VOIP – Lucent, UTStar

CRM – Amdocs, Peoplesoft, Siebel

Though we are the biggest IT developer nation, our companies are still not there in the above list. Anyone out there in India who creates OS, Routers, Firewalls, Database engines, etc.

We are busy in providing solutions with products developed by the above mentioned companies. Computer science professionals are working on these technologies as users of these technologies rather than creating new technology.

We have lot of engineers who do system administration for OS, but none who creates better OS.

We have lot of engineers who do network administration for OS, but none who creates better routers and firewalls.

There are lots of private certification courses for administrators, but not even one on developing new products. This mandates huge effort from our side to make us ready for creating new products.

After getting into job, we are put in one domain (insurance) as programmer to develop some application using Java. After one year we switch from insurance domain to telecom domain because new employer will give 20% hike in salary. But what we do not understand is we lost one year of experience and we are not going to sharpen our knowledge on that domain anymore as we will have time only to struggle and understand telecom domain.

We move from domain to domain, and after some years we enter into middle management roles such as Team lead … and then project lead … and then project manager. By that time we are completely out of the technology and we become heavy desktop users by using word, excel, project plan, etc.

5 thoughts on “Swadeshi in IT industry

  1. Prabha… Interesting article. You made a very good point. Infact it think it made my resolve even stronger now! 😉 Thanks!

    Btway, hope u r not promoting ur comp by taking abt ur comp @ the end. Just kiddin.. 😉

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