Six Thinking Hats by Edward D Bono – Father of Lateral Thinking

“Our software for thinking, which we inherited from the Greek Gang of Three – Socrates, Plato and Aristotle – is about truth, logic, argument and analysis. It’s excellent, in the same way that the rear left wheel of a car is excellent, but it misses out on creativity, design and perception. Ninety per cent of errors of thinking are errors of perception, not logic.”

stated by Edward D. Bono, father of lateral thinking. He has written more than 20 books on this subject and some of the best sellers are six thinking hats, lateral thinking, thinking course, etc. He also teaches people how to think effectively to achieve results.

His lecture on six thinking hats which starts with introduction to thinking , thinking as skill, difference between IQ and thinking, etc

Six thinking hats is very popular thinking tool used in large companies for conducting meetings, make organizational decisions, etc.  Under this tool, there are six colored hats.  Color of each hat represents on what the thinker should focus on

White Hat -> Information

Red Hat -> Emotions

Black Hat -> Negatives

Yellow Hat -> Advantage

Green Hat -> Alternatives

Blue Hat -> Control of the thinking process


State of education

Half of what a student learns in Ist year is outdated by the time they finish the degree.  We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist and to use technologies that are yet to be invented.  But we are still using the traditional way of teaching which was formalized during Industrial revolution period. Traditional teaching is based on learn once and use it through out the career, so it was more focussed on adding more information to your brain so that you can use that information during your work.

Most of the technology which are most popular today such as web2.0 and  social networking sites like wordpress, twitter, linkedin, youtube,  facebook did not exist 10 years back. Learning one technology and how to use that particular technology is not sufficient to cope up with the technology changes which is prevalent in this era. Students should go at least one level below to understand how the technology is developed and how it can be improved and one level above to understand how the technologies are currently used and how it can be utilized better.

In order to do this, critical thinking or logical thinking is not sufficient. Better way of doing things/Creativity does not happen by using logical thinking, rather it happens by doing parallel thinking or lateral thinking. Thinking procedures should be part of the syllabus and more time should be spent on thinking/analyzing on the subject rather than taking notes from lecturers.

Lecturers should ask to themselves “Are we teaching creativity and challenging students to think?” while designing the course materials and planning the lectures.