Is medical still a good career option

Do you have a keen interest in medical career Do you like to become a doctor. You have made the right decision. Please listen to this video to find out why?

Lets begin by understanding the current MBBS admission system in India. India has close to 500 medical colleges. Nearly half of them are run by private organizations. With the current capacity of 55,000 medical seats, India has produced 7 lakhs doctors till now. This information is as per Medical council of India registration records. For 1.3 billion population, India currently has 1 doctor for every 1700 citizens.

Check out worldwide doctor population ratio of all countries pictured in world map here

Doctor to Population Ratio

As per World Health Organization recommendation, a country should have a doctor to population ratio of 1:1000. India has set a target to achieve this by the year 2020. What does this mean to us? It means that in another 5 years, India need to produce additional 6 lakhs doctors.  In order to comply with developed countries like US, UK, Germany,etc India would require additional 20 lakhs doctors as doctor to patient ratio in these countries range from 300 to 400. Cuba tops the list with 1 doctor for every 170 people.

Though there is huge demand for doctors, the available medical seat capacity is not sufficient to achieve the target. Indian government understands that this gap cannot be fixed by increasing medical seats in India within this short span of time. So, It encourages students to study MBBS abroad.

MBBS In Philippines

Indian students who missed medical seat because of less cutoff can use this opportunity to study medical degree in nearby countries such as Philippines. Why am I recommending Philippines among other countries. Because, it provides best quality education at an affordable cost. In the recent past, many Indian students study MBBS In Philippines mainly because of its best quality education and its international recognition for exams such as USMLE, Medical Council of India Screening Test, etc

Can you believe that you can complete your MBBS degree with one fifth of the cost of India. Most of the parent and students are not aware that medical degree can be completed within 15 lakhs.

Do you want to reserve your MBBS seat in Philippines for the coming year in advance before it gets filled up. Fence Education Academy is registered south India admission office for many medical universities in Philippines. Visit us at to reserve your seat or know more about medical education.

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