Practical Thinking Course Introduction Video

I am mentoring my children to improve their critical and creative thinking skills by using simple practical thinking tools and techniques, i thought i would develop these techniques as video course, so that it will be helpful for all other parents. This course would be the missing link in education system to teach your children thinking skills and make them more creative. Find below the introduction video for Practical thinking video course. If you have questions or topic suggestions, Please provide your comments below to improve this course.

Practical Thinking Course Video

Practical Thinking Course Video Transcript:

Hi Friends. My name is Prabakaran Thirumalai. Welcome to this Practical Thinking Course.

It was a Sunday morning, I was listening to a new age guru talking about the mind. He started telling stories, on how emotions create misery to us. Then he told that he is going to share his technique to overcome the misery. We are all anxiously waiting for his answer.
He finally told that we should meditate to overcome this problem…

I was really amazed when i understood his problem solving strategy. If i tell him that my problem is “I have lot of bedbugs in my cot”, his solution would be to “burn the cot” so that there is no bedbug in it.

That is the time i thought, i should learn about thinking or mind myself, rather than wasting time in listening to people.

After learning and practice, I am able to control my thoughts,
take clear decisions by separating emotional thoughts,
become more creative by separating logical thoughts,
solve complex problems by separating irrelevant information.

Now I am mentoring my children, to improve their critical and creative thinking skills, by using simple thinking tools and techniques,
i thought i would develop these techniques as video course, so that it will be helpful for all other parents.
This course would be the missing link in education system to teach your children thinking skills and become more creative.

Many of us have a wrong perception, that thinking, more specifically creativity, is god’s gift or talent. But the fact is that thinking is a skill which can be learnt, practiced and improved.
If you ask any educationalist, What do you think is the prime purpose of education?, their immediate answer would be, “to make students knowledgeable by teaching”.

Yes, i agree that it is necessary, but definitely not sufficient. Knowledge alone was sufficient during industrial revolution. In fact education system around the world is designed during industrial revolution to produce workers for factory.

Like factory assembly, students are moved from one grade to another as a batch, till they complete their gradutaion, with passed out year as their manufacturing date and unfortunately with an expiry date, much before they get into a job.
The current education system, designed during industrial revolution period, to create factory workers, is not sufficient for this information age. In this ever changing technological world, knowledge acquired last year, is not useful this year, as the technology becomes outdated at a rapid pace.

If knowledge alone, is not sufficient, to equip our children for future, what else should education focus on?

In this information age, with internet google and facebook, we have access to more information than ever before. Each one of us is producing information on the internet every single day.

Nowadays, We need to be highly intelligent ,to filter out the false information, available in the internet, and identify facts from trusted sources, in making decisions, as well as to solve problems.

Please click here, If you are interested, to know more about, differences between knowledge and intelligence
If we compare, our human brain and computer, we can understand that our brain performs following functions

1.Long term memory is like a hard disk in computer
2.Short term memory is like a computer’s Memory
3.Conscious Mind is like a processor

Some people think that, they are very intelligent, if they can answer a question. This is same as, getting high marks in examinations. They do not understand that, they have good memory recall capability, but that doesn’t mean that they are intelligent.

These people who are good in storing information in memory and recall that on request do not use the processing capability of the brain.
This course will make you learn about thinking tools and techniques to improve your critical thinking skills and creative thinking skills and also equip your children, to use processing capability of the brain, to have a bright future.

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This video course is inspired by and dedicated to Sir Ken Robinson, Edward De bono, Tony Buzan.

Thanks for watching this video.

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